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Installationsanleitung für den Trockenofen

1. According to the model of the drying box, unpack the box, check whether the accessories are complete, and place the drying box on a stable ground;
2. Connect the power supply, turn on the power switch, and pull the thermostat to the predetermined temperature;
3. Put the user to dry the material into the drying oven, close the drying oven door;
4. Adjust the humidity regulator to the required humidity and the time regulator to the required time;
5. Turn on the water pump power supply and connect the water pump pipe to the water source.
6. Connect the water pump to the drying oven and turn on the power supply of the air pump;
7. Connect the air pump to the drying oven, adjust the flow of the air pump, and carry out drying operation;

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