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Consideraciones sobre el funcionamiento del horno de secado

1. Regularly check whether the temperature controller, humidity controller, time controller is normal, if there is a fault should be repaired in time;
2. The materials in the drying box should not be overloaded, so as not to affect the drying effect;
3. Before operation, turn off the power supply of the drying oven for adjustment or maintenance;
4. The material in the drying box should not exceed the highest temperature to avoid burning the thermostat;
5. The door of the drying box should be kept closed to avoid affecting the drying effect;
6. During the drying process, the working state of the pump and air pump should be checked regularly to avoid unsatisfactory drying effect;
7. After the operation is complete, turn off the power supply of the drying oven, remove the water pump and air pump, and clean the materials in the drying oven in time for next use.

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