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Precautions for installation and use of low temperature incubator

Low temperature incubators mainly used for storing culture medium, drugs, serum and microorganisms and environmental experiments, which are widely applied in fields of environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, agriculture and animal husbandry, aquatic products and so on.

Installation precautions for cryogenic incubator

For installation, be sure to pay attention to the size of the installation space, and the distance between the front and rear, the left and right sides is 20cm, so as to facilitate cleaning.

Pay attention to a dry and ventilated working environment during installation.

Do not install the incubator in high temperature, high humidity, flammable, explosive and vibration environment.

Only grounding equipment is allowed during installation.

Operation tips for incubator

  1. Do not use the incubator when the battery indicator indicates that the battery is exhausted.
  2. If do not use the device for a long time, please turn off its power.
  3. Do not place too much culture in it.
  4. Check whether the surface of the evaporator is frosted frequently.
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